Interest Group

Australian Education Union

August 27th, 2013  GetUp urges voters not to be swayed by what it says is the bias of News Ltd newspapers.


August 22nd, 2013  GetUp's spoof on TV show "Grand Designs", focusing on immigration detention.


August 21st, 2013  GetUp tries to use past comments by Tony Abbott to scare voters.

Wikileaks Party

August 13th, 2013  The Wikileaks Party presents 'Leak Soup' as an alternative to Australian politics

Lock the Gate Alliance

August 12th, 2013  The Lock the Gate Alliance is concerned about coal and gas mining


August 9th, 2013  The Australian Council of Trade Unions questions the Coalition's plans for workplace rights.


August 8th, 2013  The National Education Education Union urges the public to vote for the Greens.


July 13st, 2013  The oil and gas industry promotes fracking for gas.