Volunteers for Bill Glasson (Lib candidate)

August 27, 2013  Bill Glasson, Liberal candidate for Kevin Rudd's seat of Griffith, and volunteers re-enact "One more day" from Les Miserables


September 1, 2013  The Labor Party says Australians should be proud.

Liberal Party

August 31st, 2013  The Liberal Party promotes what it says are Tony Abbott's strong personal qualities.

Liberal Party

August 31st, 2013  The Liberal Party claims Kevin Rudd breaks promises.

Liberal Party

August 29th, 2013  The Liberal Party highlights what it says are the federal Labor party's connections with disgraced former NSW minister Eddie Obeid.


August 28th, 2013  The ALP claims if the Coalition wins the election, the schools kids bonus will go and schools around Australia will be worse off.

Australian Sex Party

August 28th, 2013  The ASP promotes its platform of civil liberties and personal freedom.

Katter's Australian Party

August 27th, 2013  Bob Katter promises jobs, a strong economy and opposition to foreign investment.


August 26th, 2013  Reality Check (the ALP) tries to sell the Coalition's broadband policy to the world.


August 25th 2013   Shadow Treasurer and "Minister in the Howard Government", Joe Hockey, stars in this ad about budget responsibility. The ad was released on the same day as the Coalition's official campaign launch.