About Election Watch

Election Watch is an initiative of the University of Melbourne devoted to expert political analysis and debate; to the exploration of vibrant democracy; and to explaining the mechanics of democratic process. In the past year Election Watch has launched projects focused on the 2013 Australian election, and the 2014 Indian and Indonesian campaigns. Now as the November 29 Victorian election looms, Election Watch draws on the resource of the University of Melbourne's experts to comment and analyse issues on their home turf, encouraging voters to engage deeply with the issues that shape their lives.

Election Watch brings together the University of Melbourne’s most respected and experienced academics to provide rigorous analysis and independent commentary on the Victorian election campaign — from political scientists and public policy experts to specialists in health, education and urban planning. 

The opinions expressed by contributors to Election Watch are the authors' own and not those of the University of Melbourne.

Unless otherwise stated, all content on Election Watch is Creative Commons (read more).
This basically means you can republish our materials on your website or blog so long as you credit the author, Election Watch and the University of Melbourne.
Additionally, you must not change the work in any substantial way.
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To contact the Election Watch team, please email: news@media.unimelb.edu.au