Both the Coaltion and ALP have agreed to build Australia’s first stand-alone cardiac hospital - but the debate still continues in other areas of the health sector. See here some of the key issues at the heart of the election campaign.

Transport is shaping as arguably the defining issue of the 2014 campaign. Roads versus rail? Public transport capacity and frequency? We lay out the parties' policy and statements.

Education continues to be a hot topic in this election. Labor has identifed this area as the cornerstone of their campagin, pledging $1.3 billion towards education funding. The Liberals claim this is an empty promise. Who can best secure the future of Victoria's schools?

With around 30,000 people rallying for climate action in Melbourne in September, the environment has continued to be a major part of the political debate both nationally and statewide.

Victoria has the highest unemployment rate in mainland Australia. The ALP has pledged to create 100,000 jobs if it's voted in. The Coaltion is promising 200,000. What are their plans for job growth?

Family violence has become a high profile social policy area in this campaign, but otherwise detailed policy on family and community initiatives is scarce - with the exception of the Greens' manifesto.

Protecting Melbourne's green wedges, enforcing trespass laws on animal activists, and building a centre for almond research are just a few of the campaign promises this election.