On the ground: "Foto Pemilu"

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All pictures were taken, and reproduced here with permission, by Sofyan Syamsul.  

Captions are as follows:

  1. Ink blots from voters fingers provides evidence of a day of polling in Makassar.

  2. The ballot papers provided to voters. Indonesian citizens received four sets of ballot papers: to vote for Regional Representative Council's candidate, to vote for National Parliament Candidate, to vote for Provincial Parliament Candidate and District Parliament Candidate.  

  3. An election staffer helping voters to insert the ballot papers into the boxes.

  4. A ballot station in Makassar.  People queued from 8:00am to exercise their rights to vote.

  5. A female voter proudly shows her inked-finger after leaving the ballot station in Bontoala Disctrict, Makassar.

  6. The ballot stations made from cardboard, in front of the final ballot boxes.

  7. The ink. After voting, staff in the ballot station helped voters to dip their pinky fingers in the ink to mark that they have participated in the election/voting process. 

  8. A voter carefully reads the list of candidates before entering the ballot box in Bontoala District, Makassar.

  9. A young voter, Wahyu Wiranata (26) exercised his rights to vote in the morning. He said he voted for candidates who were familiar to him, not based on the candidates' programs and promises.