Election Night Bingo - Let the vote count begin

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We know it takes hours for the winner to be declared, so here at Election Watch we've put together a handy bingo card to help you pass the time.

Keep an ear out for the tried and tested sayings commentators roll out at every vote count and cross them off as they happen. 

Which channel's coverage will get you there fastest? Share your results with us on Facebook and Twitter and tag them #ElecWatch.




Antony Green uses complicated chart to explain something simple

Random people try to get on TV during live cross to campaign headquarters

Footage of ballot papers being poured on to a table for counting

Commentator says it’s “too close to call”

Discussion of the impact of Geoff Shaw on the results in Frankston

Ex-Victorian politicians giving completely biased commentary

“This election will be won or lost in Melbourne’s sand belt”

Reference to the Liberals surprise election win in 2010

Throwing to a live cross — “Now, what’s the mood over in the electorate?”

Voxpops of voters oblivious to the election

“This is a win for everyday Victorians”

Reference to Labor’s costings only being released on Thursday.

Campaign montage of handshaking and kissing babies

“I’d like to thank my family for their continued support”

      Clive Palmer weighs in

“The people of Victoria have spoken”

“The East West Link has polarised voters this election”

“The Greens and Labor have done battle for inner-city seats”

Discussions of perceived voter backlash against Tony Abbott

Speculation on the make up of cabinet

“The last one-term government in Victoria was 60 years ago”

Reference to Daniel Andrews' links to CFMEU

Drunken celebrations from electorate parties

Candidates parade their families in front of the camera

“The key regional battleground of Ballarat”