Dissecting the VoteCompass data

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Ryan Sheales

Deputy Editor,
Election Watch

NEW DATA from the University of Melbourne/ABC Vote Compass initiative indicates Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has failed to make significant headway in his crucial home state, Queensland.


The figures — collected as hundreds of thousands of Australians filled out the online Vote Compass survey — also braoden our understanding of who voters thought won the first leaders' debate and the notion of "trust".


University of Melbourne Public Policy Fellow Nicholas Reece and political analyst Mark Triffitt explained the findings to RN Drive's Waleed Aly.



Google interest

Interestingly, Google Trends tells us that between when the election was called (August 4th) and the first leaders' debate (August 10th), "Vote Compass" was a more popular search term than either "Kevin Rudd", "Tony Abbott" or "Chirstine Milne".