Voters are in for a wild ride with the facts as politicians and their advisors ramp up their rhetoric and spin ahead of the federal election.
Neville Norman

The difficulties of pricing policies. 
Michael MacWilliam



The importance of independently verifying a politically-charged photo. 
Denis Muller

Why electronic voting isn't as risk-free as it may seem.
Dr Vanessa Teague

The Coalition's version of the national broadband network is not cheaper in the long term.
Professor Rod Tucker

A philosopher's view on political debate and fact checking— why it’s a good thing whether we agree on the facts or not.
Professor Greg Restall

No surprise - the Coalition won. But here's your one-stop-shop for each House of Representatives seat. Maria Rae

University of Melbourne students on the week in politics, the Midwinter Ball and Wikileaks Party candidate Julian Assange. [Audio]
The Farrago Team

Membership of political parties seems to have lost its appeal. 
The Election Watch team

A month after Julia Gillard's ousting as Prime Minister, how is her legacy viewed? 
Kate Fahall

Opinion polls suggest support for Labor has plateaued and is subsiding slightly.
Dr Denis Muller

Does Australia have a bloated middle class welfare system? 
Joey Moloney

A report from the Greens frontline.
Claire Boland

Meet some of the contenders for the new Senate. It's an unsual mix.
Maria Rae

What can be done about the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged school students?

Catherine Murphy