Quickly identify the key themes from Wayne Swan, Tony Abbott and Christine Milne's 2013 budget speeches.
Ryan Sheales

The difficulties of pricing policies. 
Michael MacWilliam



The Coalition announces a military-led response to people trying to reach Australia by boat. 
Wes Mountain

Why electronic voting isn't as risk-free as it may seem.
Dr Vanessa Teague

Clive Palmer and Bob Katter both want to make a splash on the national stage this election. But are they contenders or crazies?
Dr Damon Alexander


Independent candidates are a visible presence in this election. But will they be as effective for their constituents as those from major parties?
Charles Everist

A review of the media coverage of election 2013 and Labor's long road of redemption [audio].
Nicholas Reece and Margaret Simons

A nationally representitive survey has found Australian politicians are failing to engage or build a sense of trust with voters just months out from the federal election.
Aaron Martin

Quickly identify the keywords and themes from Kevin Rudd's National Press Club address.
Cathy Harper

The importance of independently verifying a politically-charged photo. 
Denis Muller

A debater's take on the success or failure of first leaders' debate.
James Gray

The Coalition's version of the national broadband network is not cheaper in the long term.
Professor Rod Tucker

A philosopher's view on political debate and fact checking— why it’s a good thing whether we agree on the facts or not.
Professor Greg Restall

Despite some claims of bias, the opinion polls were largely an accurate predictor of the election result.
Dr Denis Muller

Will young voters "like" Kevin Rudd as much the second time around?

Aaron Martin