Will young voters "like" Kevin Rudd as much the second time around?

Aaron Martin

Membership of political parties seems to have lost its appeal. 
The Election Watch team

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What can be done about the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged school students?

Catherine Murphy

Rudd's “new agenda” speech is an attempt to to reach out to key constituencies: marginal voters, the major employer groups, unions, and small business.
Peter Gahan

The Federal Government could save hundreds of millions of dollars each year without affecting patient outcomes
Terence Cheng

Grab your diary, pick up a red pen... here are the key 2013 election dates explained.
Nicholas Reece

Elections are won or lost in marginal seats. This analysis examines the electorates that will decide who reigns supreme on September 7th.
Dr Scott Brenton. 

How I support the Labor Party and still sleep at night.
Laura Soderlind

Meet some of the contenders for the new Senate. It's an unsual mix.
Maria Rae

When will we go to the polls? The only certainty is it has to be before November 30.

Nicholas Reece