Kevin Rudd personally supports gay marriage. What might this mean for marriage equality post-election?
Graham Willett

Australia must temper its impulse to be paternalistic towards PNG
Jonathan Schultz

Issues of corruption within the Australian Labor Party could extend beyond a group of "rotten apple" individuals
Ryan Sheales

Will Tony Abbott's decision to preference Labor ahead of the Greens have any significant effect?
Nicholas Reece  

Here's some advice to an incoming Government: address teacher variability and forget about autonomy.
John Hattie and Maxine McKew

Sometimes the only thing that will get noticed in an election campaign is an orange fish costume. Cameron Wheatley

What's the role of minor parties in the Senate?
Emily Look

When will we go to the polls? The only certainty is it has to be before November 30.

Nicholas Reece

UPDATE: Rudd to bring forward the ETS
Peter Christoff

To what extent are voters engaged in the election and election issues? 
Cathy Harper

Is the Coalition's Direct Action Plan properly costed? 
Katherine Lake

How much will the 'PNG Solution' cost? Do people smugglers really have a "business model". Are many asylum seekers "economic refugees"?
Alice He

The Coalition has released its election policy costings just two days before voters go to the polls. Read them all here.

The 2013 election campaign was a policy vacuum.
Barry Jones

Will young voters "like" Kevin Rudd as much the second time around?

Aaron Martin