Why do politicians increasingly use spin?  
Mark Triffitt

Voters frequently lament the government-of-the-day's perceived lack of action and vaguely demand it "does something".
Ryan Sheales

Getting to the heart of the parties' policies is not as easy as you might think. Learn about the struggles the Election Watch team encountered on the hunt for policy.

The ALP and Coalition's different language about climate change reveals how they might handle international climate talks.
Robyn Eckersley

The 2013 election campaign was a policy vacuum.
Barry Jones

Foreign aid is often vulnerable to being cut to find budget savings in other areas.
Dr Bina Fernandez

The Federal Government could save hundreds of millions of dollars each year without affecting patient outcomes
Terence Cheng

The Coalition might find dealing with the new Senate is like herding cats. Dr Damon Alexander

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Now that the election date has been set, will attention turn to policy?
Associate Professor Sally Young

As the Indian election looms, the nation's industrialists and media powerbrokers are performing a delicate dance of influence.
Swati Chaturvedi.

The economic case for rising above politics and embracing an increase in the GST. 
Professor John Freebairn 

India's engagement with its neighbours and the wider world has been neglected for too long. Amitabh Mattoo outlines an agenda for the next government.

Is the Coalition's Direct Action Plan properly costed? 
Katherine Lake

Lily Farid summarises the key points out of Gerindra's election manifesto.