The Liberals claim power prices have gone up 94% under Labor. Is that true? 
Dylan McConnell

UPDATE: Rudd to bring forward the ETS
Peter Christoff

Kevin Rudd "terminates" the carbon tax. 
Wes Mountain



The ALP and Coalition's different language about climate change reveals how they might handle international climate talks.
Robyn Eckersley

The Opposition's climate spokesman, Greg Hunt, has delivered a major pre-election policy address. Watch the video or read our Storify report.

Is the Coalition's Direct Action Plan properly costed? 
Katherine Lake

Tony Abbott says he would break the Coalition's pledge on greenhouse reduction targets if it cost more than expected.
Wes Mountain

Sometimes the only thing that will get noticed in an election campaign is an orange fish costume. Cameron Wheatley

Melbourne must urgently start planning for a zero-carbon economy to protect itself from the worst effects of climate change, which will otherwise strike the city hard, write John Wiseman, David Karoly and Alexander Sheko in this extract from a new book.

Despite recent activity surrounding emissions reductions, the Renewable Energy Target and the future of coal, energy policy has created strikingly little debate in the campaign, writes David Blowers.