Election Rewind

History would suggest today's political journalists might actually be sexist, without intending to or even being aware of the fact.
Sally Young.

Australians voted in a very different federal election 100 years ago: the two-party system was yet to dominate and there weren't any opinion polls.

John Murphy

A reformed journalist's memories from an election campaign bus
Margo Kingston

Analysing the 2013 election through the lens of the past.

Communism, rationing and the British Empire: the 1949 Liberal election campaign
Katie Wood

Since the 1970s, political media stunts and stage management have become the norm. 
Michael Gawenda

The much maligned art of sloganeering has long been central to Australian politics.
Sally Young

How should political parties tackle reform? 
Professor Glyn Davis

Now that the election date has been set, will attention turn to policy?
Associate Professor Sally Young

Preferential and compulsory voting are uniquely Australian traditions.
Angus Ferguson

EXCLUSIVE: Election Watch has been granted rare access to former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser's entire 1977 campaign diary, including handwritten notes.
Associate Professor Sally Young

Why are politicians generally viewed as untrustworthy? 
Dr Jackie Dickenson

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser reflects on presidential-style politics, media stunts, twitter and Rupert Murdoch.
Andrea Carson

So you think you're a politics tragic. But do this quiz: you'll be surprised.  Associate Professor Sally Young

We've seen the emergence of 'fact-checking' in the media. What about 'promise checking'?  
Associate Professor Sally Young