Some Labor MPs are increasingly coy about which party they represent.
Ryan Sheales

Prabowo, the presidential candidate and leader of Gerindra Party, promises to restore Indonesia's nationalism in this ad calling for his election to the presidency.

Daniel Andrews pushes his key messages on TAFE funding, level-crossing removal and ending the ambulance dispute, saying it's about "putting people first".

Advocacy groups are now operating from the political parties' campaign playbook.
Nicholas Reece

Fronted by former President BJ Habibie, this ad calls for voters to consider female candidates in their voting considerations. The ad was produced by the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection and funded by the UNDP.  

The Liberals go on the attack over Labor's EastWest Link plans, union links to the CFMEU and their stance on cage fighting in this short negative ad. 

Communism, rationing and the British Empire: the 1949 Liberal election campaign
Katie Wood

The Democratic Party's (Partai Demokrat, PD) pro-people programs, specifically its assistance for fishermen and education, are the focus of this campaign ad.

There's no voiceover in this attack ad from the Liberal Party, just creepy music and multiple explosions as messages of doom are flashed up on the black screen.

Labor has unveiled a positive TV ad to reframe the political debate and counter Coalition attacks. 
Ryan Sheales

This Golkar Party policy advertisement pledges priority and investment in improving education for Indonesian children.

Denis Napthine talks up his family values - he's rasied three children with wife Peggy - and says the Liberal's plans for health, education and transport are all about helping familes.

How might voters react when a political candidate pledges not to do things?
Ryan Sheales

As the July 9 election date looms, the parties pump up their advertising campaigns. Here's the latest from the 'Jokowi-JK' team (with English translation).

The Liberals urge against voting for Labor (and the Greens) with their ad about Labor's plans to expand Port Phillip heads.