Deputy Director, Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society

Dr. Helen Pausacker

Helen Pausacker joined the Asian Law Centre in 1999 as a Research Assistant and is also the Editorial Assistant for the Australian Journal of Asian Law. She was Convenor of the Indonesia Forum, an inter-Faculty group at the University of Melbourne (2001, 2009 to 2011).  Helen is an Arts graduate of the University of Melbourne (BA Hons, BLitt and Graduate Certificate in Gender and Development) and Monash University (MA) and is currently enrolled as a PhD student in the Law School.  Helen has worked in a number of Indonesia-related positions, including as lecturer and tutor in History at the University of Melbourne (1995-1996) and Politics at Latrobe University (2000); as language facilitator and interpreter for a number of legal and non-government organisations; a research position with the Australian Council for Overseas Aid and as Office and Production Manager for the magazine, Inside Indonesia.  Her research interests in the legal field include charges of ‘pornography’ and prosecution of religious sects, both under the current Indonesian Criminal Code; and she also researches in the field of Javanese culture. Helen’s publications include Behind the Shadows: Understanding a Wayang Performance (1996) and as joint editor (with Tim Lindsey) of Chinese Indonesians: Remembering, Distorting, Forgetting (2005).

A former special forces commander with noble lineage but a past with allegations of human rights abuses, Prabowo Subianto is reinventing himself as a champion of the people as he campaigns to be the next Indonesian President. By Helen Pausacker

From humble beginnings, presidential frontrunner Joko Widodo has made his "can do" reputation first in business and then in politics. Helen Pausacker explores the history that has shaped him.

Helen Pausacker goes through the key facts and figures for Indonesia's Legislative Election tomorrow.