Campaign leaflet links boats and crime

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Ryan Sheales

Deputy Editor,
Election Watch

This leaflet was posted to the Liberal Party's Facebook page with the accompanying text:


"Labor’s announcement to provide grants for crime prevention from proceeds of crime funds is a direct lift from the Coalition’s Plan For Safer Streets announced in October 2012."


"If Labor can’t even control our borders, then how can they control street crime in our suburbs?"


The leaflet attempts to use Labor's perceived failure in the policy area of border protection as a means to question the party's broader competency. If it can't do X how can it do Y?


It never draws a direct link between irregular arrivals (asylum seekers) and street crime, but nonetheless connects the issues in a single piece of campaign material.


The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has long maintained that asylum seekers who arrive by boat are "illegall" and "breaking our laws". The leaflet doesn't include any reference to Mr Abbott.


Law-and-order is traditionally considered the responsibility of state governments, but the Commonwealth does control some overarching legislation and manages several bodies tasked with combating both national and transnational crime.


In April, the Labor Party said it had a "package of measures to target street crime and gang violence".


Thumbnail image credit: Publik15 (Flickr)



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