Emma Dawson

Emma joined IBES in March 2013. Previously she was an adviser to Senator Stephen Conroy from 2008 to January 2013. Emma oversaw the switchover from analogue to digital television and was responsible for media policy, including ABC and SBS funding, broadcast policy, spectrum policy and the Convergence Review.  

She is currently working to complete her PhD thesis, which examines the development of SBS Television in the context of media and social policy and technological change over three decades.  

Emma is a former Project Manager for SBS, and has served on the Boards of Women in Film and Television and Express Media. 

Following the election of the Coalition to government, all but one of the seven members of NBN Co have handed in their resignations.  Emma Dawson

Is Rupert Murdoch opposing Labor's re-election because of the NBN? 
Emma Dawson