Dear ALP, corruption rarely runs skin deep

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Ryan Sheales

Deputy Editor,
Election Watch

ISSUES OF CORRUPTION and maladministration within the Australian Labor Party could run much deeper than a group of "rotten apple" individuals, according to University of Melbourne anti-corruption academics.


After months of hearings, the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption has released a series of adverse findings against two former state Labor ministers. It's recommending authorities consider laying criminal charges against former powerbrokers Eddie Obeid and Ian McDonald. 


Much of the immediate media coverage has focused on how this outcome will affect Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's chances of retaining power at the impending federal election.


But what do the findings tell us about the broader fight against corruption in Australia? And the more nuanced ways the Labor Party is, could and perhaps should be reducing the risks of corruption?


In this video, Election Watch's Ryan Sheales discusses the topic with anti-corruption analysts Dr Mike Pottenger and Olivia Monaghan.



 Vision courtesy:    Ten NewsABC NewsABC News (Midday)EuroNewsSunrise.