Watch the parties' "freetime" broadcasts

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Ryan Sheales

Deputy Editor,
Election Watch

Quick links:

Coalition Freetime #1
Coalition Freetime #2

Coalition Freetime #3

Labor Freetime #1
Labor Freetime #2
Labor Freetime #3

Greens Freetime #1
Greens Freetime #2
Greens Freetime #3

NEVER FEAR, the ABC is not running paid advertisements. The news division has not been taken over by spindoctors and ad types.


Nonetheless, Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd will be using publicly funded airwaves to deliver their messages direct to voters this election, without a filter.


Since 1932, the ABC has given free broadcast time to political parties during election campaigns "so that they may have an opportunity to explain directly to the electorate the policies for which they are seeking voters’ support".


Each major party is granted 31 minutes and 30 seconds on ABC TV and radio. You can read the ABC's official policy here.


Election Watch will bring you as many of these "freetime" broadcasts as possible.


Coalition Freetime #1


Coalition Freetime #2


The ABC policy on freetime election broadcasts.