Dr Vanessa Teague

Vanessa Teague's main research interest is in electronic voting, with a focus on cryptographic schemes for end-to-end verifiable elections.

She did her Bachelor's Degree (BSc hons) at The University of Melbourne and my Ph.D. with Prof. John Mitchell at Stanford University. She wrote her thesis on combining ideas from cryptography and game theory in order to understand distributed computations with selfish participants.

The most sophisticated e-voting technology in the world will be rolled out for some early voters in the coming Victorian election. Vanessa Teague explains how it works.

For the determined vote rigger, new technology is no barrier to old-fashioned ballot-box skulduggery. This election, Indian officials are trying to stay a step ahead with a radical technology - the paper trail.
Vanessa Teague 

Why electronic voting isn't as risk-free as it may seem.
Dr Vanessa Teague