Dr Denis Muller

Dr Denis Muller is a leading expert on media ethics and worked as a journalist for 27 years including Assistant Editor at the Sydney Morning Herald and Associate Editor at The Age. From 1984 until he left newspapers in 1993, he worked closely with Irving Saulwick, one of Australia’s leading public opinion pollsters, in the management and writing of the Saulwick Poll which was published as AgePoll in The Age and as HeraldSurvey in the Herald.


Since 1995 he has conducted independent social and policy research across education, health, environment and media fields.


Dr Muller teaches media ethics and is the author of Media Ethics and Disasters. Together with Michael Gawenda, Dr Muller has been conducting the Centre's research into how the media covered the Black Saturday Bushfires and the second stage of this project, consulting with bushfire-affected communities about their experiences with the media. 

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Dr Denis Muller

The importance of independently verifying a politically-charged photo. 
Denis Muller