Dr Andrea Carson

Dr Andrea Carson is a lecturer in Media and Politics at the University of Melbourne. She is also an honorary fellow at the University's Centre for Advancing Journalism. Her research interests are newspapers and the business model of print journalism; journalism studies; media ownership and regulation; media effects and political agenda setting; investigative journalism; media theory; political communication; elections and election reporting.

She completed a PhD in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne. Her research topic investigated the watchdog role of newspapers from affluent times through to the digital age. She has worked previously as a journalist at The Age and as a reporter, producer and broadcaster in radio (ABC 774, 3RRR) television (7.30 Report) and online (The Age, ABC). Before commencing her PhD, Andrea produced ABC 774's morning radio program with Jon Faine. She contributes opinion pieces to The Age, The Conversation, The Drum, New Matilda, Crikey, The Citizen and on air at ABC 774. 

Twitter: @andrea_carson

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Andrea Carson

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Andrea Carson