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Family violence has become a high profile social policy area in this campaign, but otherwise detailed policy on family and community initiatives is scarce - with the exception of the Greens' manifesto.

The latest ALP health ad gets personal, with Daniel Andrews talking about his father who has been diagnosed with cancer. 'We forget how much the state of our hospitals matter until we need them.'

The ALP's plan to make Victoria the 'Education State' includes promises to reopen tech schools and restore TAFE. Andrews says, 'Our kids and workers who need to reskill are worth it.'

Daniel Andrews uses the Ford factory - where manufacturing will cease in 2016 - as a backdrop to sell his jobs message to voters.

Ballarat has been a key election battlegroung this campaign with both sides releasing ads targeting the area. Here's Labor's.

The Liberals push hard in their campaign for Ballarat, a key election battleground, with the economy and jobs key to their message.

Denis Napthine talks up his family values - he's rasied three children with wife Peggy - and says the Liberal's plans for health, education and transport are all about helping familes.

The Liberals urge against voting for Labor (and the Greens) with their ad about Labor's plans to expand Port Phillip heads. 

New Premier Daniel Andrews pledged to get straight to work "fixing" Victoria. Following a raft of campaign promises we look at the challenges and immediate priorities of the new government.