Education is always a key issue for voters. Click through for analysis on where the ALP and Coalition stand.
Professor Field Rickards

Here's some advice to an incoming Government: address teacher variability and forget about autonomy.
John Hattie and Maxine McKew

This Golkar Party policy advertisement pledges priority and investment in improving education for Indonesian children.

The lack of a real vision for education on the part of both the government and the opposition is the product of a shift of power to the federal arena that is castrating the states, writes Glenn Savage


The Australian Education Union launches a new TV advertisement urging Victorians 'to vote for parties and candidates who can articulate a path to a better resourced, properly funded public education system'.

The ALP's plan to make Victoria the 'Education State' includes promises to reopen tech schools and restore TAFE. Andrews says, 'Our kids and workers who need to reskill are worth it.'

Education continues to be at the forefront of the campaign, with millions of dollars in funding promised. But Stephen Dinham argues these announcements largely fail to address the underlying issues.

Throughout the election campaign both parties have been keen to spruik their educational credentials.  Suzanne Rice and Kira Clarke look at just how their policies stack up? 

When it comes to public education parents don’t want schools that are more ‘independent’, but schools that are close to home, high quality, and open to even the poorest families, writes Lea Campbell.

New Premier Daniel Andrews pledged to get straight to work "fixing" Victoria. Following a raft of campaign promises we look at the challenges and immediate priorities of the new government.