The Federal Government could save hundreds of millions of dollars each year without affecting patient outcomes
Terence Cheng

Health policy covers many aspects. Click through to compare the major parties' policies on mental health (Professor Patrick McGorry) and the vaccination of children (Associate Professor Damian Purcell, Professor Dale Godfrey)

An IT system for electronic patient health records would improve patient care, strengthen medical research and, ultimately, save public money, writes Stephen Smith. He urges parties to leap from 19th century systems into 21st century medicine.

The gap between the health needs of rural and regional Victorians and the services they can access is growing wider. Rural health specialists Lisa Bourke and Julian Wright explain the stark realities for patients beyond the city limits.

The latest ALP health ad gets personal, with Daniel Andrews talking about his father who has been diagnosed with cancer. 'We forget how much the state of our hospitals matter until we need them.'

Daniel Andrews promises to end the long drawn-out paramedics dispute and increase ambulance response times if elected.

Mental illness, particularly among youth, is a growing challenge for the state's health services. Michael Notaras says greater funding for mental health programs will ease the burden on the overall health system.

When it comes to health, it is difficult to dispute that avoiding suffering is more desirable than curing it. Rob Moodie says far-sighted leadership is required from both sides to make Victoria a healthier place.

Rural healthcare services are critically underfunded and the current focus on road infrastructure is putting thousands of lives in danger, Will Twycross writes.

Oral health is a significant public health issue in Australia and yet it is often neglected in government health-related polices. Lisa Gibbs says governments should be working harder to put a smile on your face.

New Premier Daniel Andrews pledged to get straight to work "fixing" Victoria. Following a raft of campaign promises we look at the challenges and immediate priorities of the new government.