Policy Comparator

Climate change can be an emotional topic. In 2007, Kevid Rudd called it the 'great moral challenge of our generation'. Where do the three major parties stand this year?
Lisa Caripis

Is it realistic to try to turn northern Australia into a "food bowl"? Dr Chris Taylor

Foreign aid is often vulnerable to being cut to find budget savings in other areas.
Dr Bina Fernandez

Industrial Relations policy is always a major issue in Australian election debate.  2013 will be no different.   This time around the politics of industrial relations policy requires a balancing act for all parties.
Nicholas Reece

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Broadband remains a key point of difference between Labor and the Coalition’s policies going into the election. The Greens support Labor's NBN. Rod Tucker

Disability care is an area of broad agreement between the major parties. Maria Rae

Getting to the heart of the parties' policies is not as easy as you might think. Learn about the struggles the Election Watch team encountered on the hunt for policy.

Do the major parties have a vision for dealing with the ageing population? Professor Simon Biggs

Revenue from mining is central to the Australian economy. Where do the Coalition, ALP and Greens stand? 
Professor John Freebairn

Transport is shaping as arguably the defining issue of the 2014 campaign. Roads versus rail? Public transport capacity and frequency? We lay out the parties' policy and statements.

The issue of how best to deal with asylum seekers seeking to reach Australia by boat is one of the most controversial. 
Melissa Phillips

Education continues to be a hot topic in this election. Labor has identifed this area as the cornerstone of their campagin, pledging $1.3 billion towards education funding. The Liberals claim this is an empty promise. Who can best secure the future of Victoria's schools?