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The issue of how best to deal with asylum seekers seeking to reach Australia by boat is one of the most controversial. 
Melissa Phillips

Education continues to be a hot topic in this election. Labor has identifed this area as the cornerstone of their campagin, pledging $1.3 billion towards education funding. The Liberals claim this is an empty promise. Who can best secure the future of Victoria's schools?

Both the Coaltion and ALP have agreed to build Australia’s first stand-alone cardiac hospital - but the debate still continues in other areas of the health sector. See here some of the key issues at the heart of the election campaign.

Defence is generally seen as one of the main purposes of a government. How do the main parties differ?
Derek McDougall

With around 30,000 people rallying for climate action in Melbourne in September, the environment has continued to be a major part of the political debate both nationally and statewide.

Both the ALP and Coalition say the economy is their main priority. But how will they fund their promises? Professor John Freebairn.

Protecting Melbourne's green wedges, enforcing trespass laws on animal activists, and building a centre for almond research are just a few of the campaign promises this election.

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Victoria has the highest unemployment rate in mainland Australia. The ALP has pledged to create 100,000 jobs if it's voted in. The Coaltion is promising 200,000. What are their plans for job growth?

Health policy covers many aspects. Click through to compare the major parties' policies on mental health (Professor Patrick McGorry) and the vaccination of children (Associate Professor Damian Purcell, Professor Dale Godfrey)

In 2011, Australia joined other OECD countries by offering a Paid Parental Leave scheme. With alternate policies being proposed by the Coalition and Greens, PPL is an important point of policy difference.  Professor Anne Kavanagh and Dr Cameryn Garrett.

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Education is always a key issue for voters. Click through for analysis on where the ALP and Coalition stand.
Professor Field Rickards

Indigenous disadvantage has been an intractable problem. How do the major parties intend to tackle it? 
Maria Rae