Swinging voters are a particularly volatile part of the electorate. 
Sally Young

To what extent are voters engaged in the election and election issues? 
Cathy Harper

How exactly are young people consuming political news? 
Aaron Martin

Why are politicians generally viewed as untrustworthy? 
Dr Jackie Dickenson

Clive Palmer and Bob Katter both want to make a splash on the national stage this election. But are they contenders or crazies?
Dr Damon Alexander


Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser reflects on presidential-style politics, media stunts, twitter and Rupert Murdoch.
Andrea Carson

A philosopher's view on political debate and fact checking— why it’s a good thing whether we agree on the facts or not.
Professor Greg Restall

With almost half the world's population set to cast a vote in this year, 2014 is shaping up as one of democracy's biggest (and most challanging) years.
Nick Reece