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Where will the result of the federal election leave the issue of gay marriage?
Claire Boland

Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd both rule out deals with cross benchers to form government.
Wes Mountain

Transparency and accountability are key tenets of democracy, and are the main platforms of the Wikileaks Party and the Pirate Party of Australia. 
Maya Borom

Your quick guide to Tony Abbott's first ministry.
Election Watch team

Will Kevin Rudd's leadership reforms prevent brutal leadership spills? 
Nicholas Reece

To what extent are voters engaged in the election and election issues? 
Cathy Harper

Why are politicians generally viewed as untrustworthy? 
Dr Jackie Dickenson

The Coalition has released its election policy costings just two days before voters go to the polls. Read them all here.

Advocacy groups are now operating from the political parties' campaign playbook.
Nicholas Reece

Australia must temper its impulse to be paternalistic towards PNG
Jonathan Schultz

University of Melbourne students on that thing called the economy, September 7 and exactly how many pollies are Slytherins…
The Farrago Team

NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell lashes out at the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd over his proposal to move Navy ships from Sydney's Garden Island. 
Wes Mountain

The Abbott government considers implementing its policies. Wes Mountain

Universities may receive a stay of execution from funding cuts.
Gwil Croucher

The Government plans to resettle boat people in PNG
Wes Mountain