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A Liberal Party leaflet posted online connects boat arrivals to crime in western Sydney. 
Ryan Sheales

Rudd's “new agenda” speech is an attempt to to reach out to key constituencies: marginal voters, the major employer groups, unions, and small business.
Peter Gahan

Now that the election date has been set, will attention turn to policy?
Associate Professor Sally Young

The Coalition's version of the national broadband network is not cheaper in the long term.
Professor Rod Tucker

The leader of the Coalition Tony Abbott has declared Australia under new mangement and open for business. Cathy Harper

Now the Labor leadership question is resolved, let's talk about policy.
Helen Sullivan

Why do politicians increasingly use spin?  
Mark Triffitt

Grab your diary, pick up a red pen... here are the key 2013 election dates explained.
Nicholas Reece

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser reflects on presidential-style politics, media stunts, twitter and Rupert Murdoch.
Andrea Carson

Pretty pictures to help you understand Senate preference flows. 
Election Watch team

UPDATE: Rudd to bring forward the ETS
Peter Christoff

A month after Julia Gillard's ousting as Prime Minister, how is her legacy viewed? 
Kate Fahall

Tony Abbott's self described "signature policy". 
Wes Mountain

As we prepare to vote on Saturday, are we mainly considering our own hip pocket or longer-term issues about the good of society? Karen Block

Some Labor MPs are increasingly coy about which party they represent.
Ryan Sheales