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Watch all the major interest groups' TV campaign ads in one place.

The economic case for dropping our obsession with budget surpluses.
Professor Guay Lim

Quickly identify the key themes from Wayne Swan, Tony Abbott and Christine Milne's 2013 budget speeches.
Ryan Sheales

The Liberals claim power prices have gone up 94% under Labor. Is that true? 
Dylan McConnell

Preferential and compulsory voting are uniquely Australian traditions.
Angus Ferguson

Elections are won or lost in marginal seats. This analysis examines the electorates that will decide who reigns supreme on September 7th.
Dr Scott Brenton. 

No surprise - the Coalition won. But here's your one-stop-shop for each House of Representatives seat. Maria Rae

Our resident cartoonist explains how Kevin Rudd went about fixing his cabinet
Wes Mountain

"I'm Instagraming, I'm Tweeting, I'm eating with Keating..."
Melbourne University
Law Review


Join University of Melbourne students as they look at the best and worst campaign ads and discuss the chances of Peter Beattie and the Greens.
The Farrago Team

Voters deserve an honest appraisal of the party platforms. 
Nicholas Reece

The Coalition might find dealing with the new Senate is like herding cats. Dr Damon Alexander

The 'average' member of cabinet/shadow cabinet is very different to the 'average' Australian.
Sally Young

The Federal Government could save hundreds of millions of dollars each year without affecting patient outcomes
Terence Cheng

Find out what happened when group of Australia's top political journalists gathered to discuss election reporting.
Ryan Sheales