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Membership of political parties seems to have lost its appeal. 
The Election Watch team

Australians will go to the polls on September 7, after what promises to be a bruising five week election campaign.
Cathy Harper

It's been a busy and complex week of polling, with data at the national, state and individual-seat level. Here we try to disentangle them.
Dr Denis Muller

As widely indicated by opinion polls, voters have punished the Labor government. Cathy Harper

University of Melbourne students on the week that saw Kevid Rudd oust Julia Gillard.

The Farrago Team

Skipping school? Get the PM to write your teacher a note 
Wes Mountain

A debater's take on the success or failure of first leaders' debate.
James Gray

"You're the voice, try and understand it .." What was Julian Assange trying to achieve? 
Maria Rae

What's the role of minor parties in the Senate?
Emily Look

Communism, rationing and the British Empire: the 1949 Liberal election campaign
Katie Wood

How should political parties tackle reform? 
Professor Glyn Davis

Negative ads seem to work, which is why political parties use them. 
Associate Professor Sally Young

A report from the Greens frontline.
Claire Boland

University of Melbourne students on the week in politics, the Midwinter Ball and Wikileaks Party candidate Julian Assange. [Audio]
The Farrago Team

The much maligned art of sloganeering has long been central to Australian politics.
Sally Young