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Will young voters "like" Kevin Rudd as much the second time around?

Aaron Martin

Swinging voters are a particularly volatile part of the electorate. 
Sally Young

Is Rupert Murdoch opposing Labor's re-election because of the NBN? 
Emma Dawson

Here's some advice to an incoming Government: address teacher variability and forget about autonomy.
John Hattie and Maxine McKew

Despite some claims of bias, the opinion polls were largely an accurate predictor of the election result.
Dr Denis Muller

A reformed journalist's memories from an election campaign bus
Margo Kingston

Are Australians under more financial pressure than they were 10 years ago? 
Roger Wilkins

As per tradition, the public broadcaster is giving Labor and the Coalition free airtime for political campaigning.
Ryan Sheales

Independent candidates are a visible presence in this election. But will they be as effective for their constituents as those from major parties?
Charles Everist

News Ltd is widely perceived as being anti-Labor. How will it respond to the Coalition in government? Dr Denis Muller

The humble fundraising letter has been reinvented and is now at the cutting edge of campaign craft and political marketing.
Nicholas Reece

The difficulties of pricing policies. 
Michael MacWilliam



Treasurer Chris Bowen and Finance Minister Penny Wong reveal a budget deficit of more than $30 billion. 
Cathy Harper

Labor and the Coalition should commit to lowering the company tax rate. 
Michael MacWilliam

Explaining the Australian election to an international audience.
Nicholas Reece